FeedBurner sucks.

FeedBurner does not work.

If you have subscribed to this blog using FeedBurner, and - somehow - receive this post, please use another method to subscribe. I recommend using the Atom link at the bottom of the page, the Subscribe link in Firefox 3, or the custom Subscription link available for Google Reader under the Goodies tab (go to Settings, click the Goodies tab, and simply drag the Subscription link to your toolbar).

I have been testing FeedBurner by using its feed as well as the Atom feed. The Atom feed is much faster, and the FeedBurner feed still hasn't delivered my last post. (Theoretically, FeedBurner should be using the Atom feed itself, so I have no idea what it is doing.) I assure you that I inserted the FeedBurner code according to the instructions (I will delete in in a week's time, after this post has had time to propagate (assuming it does so)).

FeedBurner has failed to respond to my request for help, left on their discussion board over a week ago. I do not expect this problem to be resolved.

I have deleted the FeedBurner link, and will explore other easy subscription options. Personally, I prefer the Google Reader subscription link (under Goodies), but that only applies if you are using Google Reader.

I have no idea how many readers this will affect, since FeedBurner has provided different subscriber tallies every day I've used it. I would like to offer my apologies for any inconvenience; though the problem originates with FeedBurner, it was I who chose to use it. I regret that choice now.

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