Denial makes the McCain.

Lisa Schiffren, at National Review Online:

But, for that message [something about "substance"] to be heard, my inner speechwriter says that McCain desperately needs to punch up his style and not be afraid of a little controversy and polarization of the electorate. I like his calm, controlled tone, and the wry humor. But irony doesn't go over well with crowds. And the straight-forward, informational presentation only works with people who want real information. (Sigh.)

I think Schiffren here provides the missing key to the puzzle: How can conservatives continue to support John McCain?

They are experiencing denial:

Denial is the psychological process by which human beings protect themselves from things which threaten them by blocking knowledge of those things from their awareness. It is a defense which distorts reality; it keeps us from feeling the pain and uncomfortable truth about things we do not want to face. If we cannot feel or see the consequences of our actions, then everything is fine and we can continue to live without making any changes.

Obviously, their brains simple refuse to process the information spilling in through their senses. They continue to believe what they want to believe, even when it clashes with the reality around them - like John McCain being in any way competent to hold the presidency.

It would be sad, if they didn't deserve mockery and scorn.

(Via alicublog.)

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