Omnes vincit Al Gore!

Deb linked to this yesterday, and it’s still making me retch. I used it last night to bash Nancy Pelosi, so how’s about I now use it to bash the Messiah himself:

Al Gore was great deflection, yes, but he never will have the ability to raise our spirits, his story carries too much sadness.

Oh, god, I need to get the bucket ready.

“Oh how I love Al Gore,” Digby said wistfully, shaking her head at what could and should have been.

Yeah, yeah. “Selected, not elected,” blah blah blah. Will you just shut the fuck up already?

As long as George Bush is President this chapter [of] Al Gore’s life and the nation will not be closed…

They must hurt him every day, those wounds in his hands and feet. Oh, and there’s the side, and the bloody crown.

Al Gore has a great mission and immense integrity…

Yeah, but, you know, he has to die, because then the sins of mankind won’t be washed away in his blood.

Give me a fucking break here! Al Gore was, is, and shall always be a politician. And you know how well that’s worked out with Barack Obama.

Seven and half years of this! The Democrats have turned the 2000 presidential election into their own passion play, with the Supreme Court doing the hand-washing. It has been impossible to take them seriously. They are like spoiled children, denied their way and throwing the most insipid tantrum ever.

Prior to 2000, Al Gore had done nothing to deserve the presidency. (Neither had George W. Bush, for that matter.) The most noteworthy thing he had done was try to take credit for the internet. He also wrote a couple of books that nobody read. The 2000 election transformed him into a martyr. Then came his cinematic tribute to himself; suddenly realizing that it was probably too early for a bio-pic, he stuck in a couple of slides about global warming, but failed to remove any of the soft lighting.

This is what I hate about the Democrats. They are infected by Romanticism. Romanticism always featured larger than life characters, and treated them with the reverence of demigods. As David Brin masterfully pointed out, the deaths of a thousand ordinary persons did not matter next to the fate of the Romantic Hero, and there is that quality about the Democratic adoration of Al Gore.

The Democrats have been trying to win (“back”) the White House ever since 2000. They are so obsessed with that goal that they are willing to overlook and rationalize every broken promise of Barack Obama. The author of the above may be overawed by Gore’s “immense integrity”, but the Democrats have none of their own. When a Democrat next sits in the White House, it will be nothing but revenge for Al Gore’s martyrdom. Nothing at all.

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