Two observations about eyes.

First, does John McCain even have EYES?! Or are those black slits just his windows into the darkness of his soul? At least he’s not doing that disturbing skeletal grin here, as if he’d just invited Jonathan Harker into the castle.

Second, Christopher Hitchens’ observations on the absurdity of religion and the evil it has caused are brilliant (read God Is Not Great), while his neoconservative warmongering is asinine at best. He is proof that expertise in one field does not necessarily translate into expertise in another.

He’s on target in this article at Slate, though. It’s about the eyes of blind cave salamanders. I won’t repeat Hitchens’ analysis – read the article – but I’ll sum it up: cave salamanders are blind, but they have non-functional, vestigial eyes. From an evolutionary perspective, the reasons are obvious.

Creationists, though, maintain that God created every form of life in its present form. Blind salamanders without eyes: okay. Blind salamanders with non-functioning eyes: sure. But why would God create blind salamanders with the vestigial eyes of their sighted relatives? So much for "intelligent" design.

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