Nancy Pelosi speaks out.

God bless him, bless his heart, president of the United States — a total failure, losing all credibility with the American people on the economy, on the war, on energy, you name the subject.


The price of oil is… is attributed to two oil men in the White House and their protectors in the United States Senate.

I really hate to be sexist, but there’s no better way to put this:

It’s a bit late for Nancy Pelosi to be trying to grow a set of balls.

After all, it was just a month ago that Pelosi was voting to approve the FISA Amendments Act, stripping the Fourth Amendment from the Constitution, legalizing warrantless wiretapping, immunizing telecom companies from the rule of law, and essentially giving George W. Bush everything he wanted.

Pelosi was elected by Americans overwhelming opposed to the war in Iraq and demanding its end, so what did she do? She led the House in approving every single White House demand to continue funding the war. She was also elected amidst strong support for impeaching George W. Bush, so what did she do? She immediately announced that impeachment was “off the table”.

She has done as much as any Republican to protect George W. Bush, so her recent comments come across as more than a bit hypocritical. In fact, they come across as nothing but an attempt at political expediency. The Democrats are big on political expediency, after all; just ask Barack Obama and his supporters.

I think it was the FISA vote that did it, really. Pelosi witnessed the backlash against that vote, and realized that, this time, she may have gone too far. She also surely saw the Congressional approval numbers; in fact, more Republicans approve of the job she and her compatriots are doing than Democrats, and even their numbers are pretty small. She has seen the writing on the wall – her days in Congress are numbered – so she is trying to win back a bit of credibility by calling Bush some mean names, sticking out her touch, and going, “Pffffffft!”

Too little, too late. The organizers of the Netroots Nations convention even had to threaten to revoke the attendee badges of people protesting her. How very Democratic (with the big “D”) of them! Fortunately for Pelosi, she was saved when Al Gore descended from the heavens and cast his beatific light over the audience...but not before Code Pink stormed out during her speech. Seriously, I have absolutely no respect for Code Pink, so when I'm on their side, you know something has gone terribly wrong in Pelosi Land.

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